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Zeiss Ikon Volta with Rol-Bak Film Back Rare c. 1920s Rare Zeiss Ikon Volta 135/7 with a Rol-Bak Film Back The Volta is a folding bed (folding plate) camera for 9 x 12 cm film plates or sheet film. The focus is by the single extension bellows by sliding the front on the rail. The shutter is a Derval Shutter with speeds 1/15, 1/50, and 1/100 sec. plus T and B mode, the lens is a Novar Anastigmat 1:6.3 f = 13.5 cm lens. It was originally introduced in 1920 and production continued by Zeiss Ikon until 1929. This very rare, very vintage, very collectible camera has an even rarer Rol-Bak (film back) that reads: “Rol-Bak Wilmar Electronics Inc. NY, NY USA” with a little sticker that states: “Burke and James Solar Enlargers – Cameras – Photo Supplies Since 1897 Chicago USA” . This used Zeiss Ikon Volta Camera and Rol-Bak Film-Back are both in very good vintage condition and sold as is. All knobs, levers, dials, buttons move freely and shutter clicks, no further testing was performed. Revere 8 Model 44 8mm Movie Camera and Kit Revere 8 Magazine Cine Model 44 Vintage Movie Camera and Original Accessories This vintage twin lens 8mm Revere movie camera was produced in 1952, measures approximately 5.5 x 5 x 2 inches and has brown leather sides, inset is polished aluminum, and a woven wrist strap with a screw attachment on the base. The camera has 3 lenses on the turret: a Alpex Telephoto F: 1.9 1 1/2, Wollensak wide-angle cine amaton and a Raptar F: 2.5. The camera winds and clicks when the trigger is pulled, the lenses turn freely. No further testing was done. The Camera and Kit are used and in very good condition, sold as collectibles and sold as is. The kit includes everything pictured, a fitted leather case (shoulder strap is broken in 1 place), original instruction manual good condition minor tear in pages, 3 Wollensak glass lens filters (one in a leather pouch), 1 original Wollensak filter box, 2 Kodak glass lens filters, 1 Alpex movie lens 1 1/2 F:1.9 F.M. telephoto lens, 1 used 8mm film magazine and original box, Kodak prepaid mailer, 2 Kodak cotton lens buffs in plastic Kodak case. This is an awesome find, a great looking camera and collection of cool matching accessories Yashica Copal Rare Yashicaflex TLR Camera Yashica Copal MXV “Yashicaflex” The Yashica Copal MXV was made in Japan is a dual format camera – 120 film and 35mm. Yashinon 1:3.5 F: 80mm and Yashinon 1:2.8 F: 80mm lenses, Shutter is Copal MXV. This highly collectible TLR camera is in very good condition, it is missing the Yashica nameplate. All knobs and lenses turn freely, the shutter clicks. No further testing was done. This great Yashica Copal camera is used, sold as a collectible and sold as is Collectible Ciro-Flex TLR Camera Ciro-Flex TLR Collectible Camera The Ciro-flex is an American made TLR film camera manufactured during the 1940s and ’50s in Delaware, Ohio. The Ciro camera company was purchased by Graflex and the Ciro-flex continued on as the Graflex 22. There were six different Ciro-flex models, A through F and the C, E, and F models use the high-quality Rapax shutter. Early versions of these cameras have a parallax correction frame under the ground glass. In later models, the frame was replaced with a fresnel lens in order to help brighten the focusing screen. They are sturdy cameras with good lenses and shutters. This camera has the Repax Shutter made by Wollensak and a leather neck strap. It is in very good used condition with a few areas that show minor edge wear, the knobs turn and the shutter clicks, no further testing was done. Sold as a Vintage Collectible and sold as is. This camera looks awesome! Visit Retro-Vintage-Bazaar on Etsy for Vintage Cameras, Ephemera and the Most in Uncommon Retro, Vintage and Antique Shopping
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State: Massachusetts
Country: United States
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Date Posted: 11 Nov
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